Our jobs

Commercial relationship

Our credo, and our commercial vision of insurance, is to offer our policyholders insurance products that are suitable for their needs.

Your daily activities? To market insurance products or services that meet the needs of our members, and thus contribute to customer satisfaction, while also analysing the risks so as to control the company’s technical balances.

Travelling insurance consultant (F/M)

The travelling consultant makes contact with customers and prospective customers and ensures that their needs are served. He or she manages a portfolio of customers and proposes and sells a range of insurance services and contracts.

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Customer advisor (F/M)

The customer advisor contributes to the company’s commercial development. He or she ensures the excellence of the customer relationship and sells insurance solutions to individuals and professionals.

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Agency manager (F/M)

The agency manager helps his or her team of advisors to broaden their skills and develop the commercial business. He or she maintains a collective dynamic based on common objectives.

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Call centre advisor (F/M)

The call centre advisor markets a diverse range of insurance products and services to our members and prospective customers on the telephone, while maintaining the quality of the customer relationship.

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For our Group, assistance means responding 24 hours a day.

We take action both in France and around the world, to help our policyholders.

Your daily activities? Taking charge of customer assistance operations based on the contractual terms, and liaising with the company’s service providers.

Automotive technical support manager (F/M)

The automotive technical support manager helps our members in difficulty by arranging assistance services.

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Contract management and compensation

Compensation and services are central to what we do for our customers when they have a claim; welcoming them, listening, and advising. Claims management is an important part of the relationship we establish with our members.

Your daily activities? Putting the necessary resources and solutions in place to deal with claims, looking after the customer and/or victim, and ensuring observance of the Group’s contractual obligations and control of our financial commitments. These actions contribute to customer satisfaction.

Compensation advisor (F/M)

The compensation advisor contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty, and to the enhancement of the company’s image.

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Compensation expert (F/M)

The compensation expert assists and advises customers and victims at the various stages of the investigation, assessment and settlement of claims, maintaining a close relationship and ensuring the quality of services and claims management.

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Healthcare manager (F/M)

The healthcare manager handles back-office management relating to customers, health professionals and networks (payment for services, operations on customer account, payments and estimates, etc.).

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Local manager advice and compensation (F/M)

The local manager advice and compensation organises a team of managers on a daily basis. He or she organises, plans and is involved in the business, while monitoring it on a regular basis.

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Accounting jobs


Forward planning and data analysis are essential in our field.

Your daily life within our family of accounting jobs can be very varied depending on the position you hold. For example, you may carry out economic analyses and the necessary checks on the company’s operational and strategic management, and thus contribute to improving its performance.

You may also apply statistical or actuarial analysis models and thus contribute to the balance of the company and decision-making.

Your activity may also involve simulating, modelling and controlling the various financial risks, in order to predict, propose and control the financial developments of the Group and of our brands.

Actuary (F/M)

The actuary creates or optimises the actuarial models used to review rates on an annual basis and to monitor the technical profitability of professional products.

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Statistical studies and monitoring manager (F/M)

The statistical studies and monitoring manager devises the best systems for driving the profitability and underwriting quality of the Group’s agencies.

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Management controller (F/M)

The management controller participates in the various budgetary processes necessary for the economic management of the company: development, monitoring, forecasting and closing.

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Data scientist (F/M)

The Data scientist advises and supports all of the Group’s businesses in the deployment of digital devices, the ergonomics of customer journeys and the use of web, asset, and DMP data, etc.

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Our Group covers almost all fields of insurance, from individuals to professionals.

Your daily activities? To ensure that our sales teams offer our customers the most suitable insurance products, we rely on your expertise to design attractive offers and services appropriate for the various target customers, in order to enhance the Company’s positioning.

Our jobs in strategic marketing involve the conduct of studies to inform the marketing strategy (segmentation, targeting, positioning, etc.) with the objective of constant improvement of customer knowledge and of the attractiveness of the products or services offered by the Company.

The purpose of the work done by our dedicated operational marketing teams is to implement marketing initiatives or produce marketing materials to enhance the commercial offer and facilitate its distribution.

Product manager (F/M)

The product manager takes part in the design or adaptation of the Company’s products and services, thus increasing the attractiveness of its offers and enhancing its positioning.

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Digital marketing project manager (F/M)

The Digital marketing project manager directly manages digital projects concerning our markets and the Group’s three brands. He or she contributes to the development of the digital strategy and deals with the associated economic challenges.

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IT jobs


This area of expertise concerns the implementation, control and maintenance of the Company’s tools, equipment, systems, databases and networks.

The goal is to ensure their availability and performance for users.

For example, our employees who work on the application life cycle, handle the design, development and technical and application implementation of the projects necessary for the proper functioning of the Company.

Application manager / Business analyst (F/M)

The application manager / business analyst is central to the Group’s digital transformation and applies his or her expertise in fast-growing methodologies and technologies (Salesforce solution, agile practices, SAFe, devops, CRM, etc.).

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Data owner (F/M)

The data owner is the point of contact for all the Life data of customers and contracts in his or her area. He or she has a global vision of the business issues arising from the successful collection, distribution and display of such data. He or she actively contributes to the definition of the Data Management strategy in his or her field.

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Scrum master (F/M)

The scrum master conducts and manages digital projects: web, mobile and AI. He or she organises the project team in line with the requirements of the development team and the product owner’s roadmap.

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IT project manager (F/M)

The IT project manager directs all the work involved in the IT component of projects, and manages the construction, integration and entry into production of the system or systems in accordance with the targets set and established standards.

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Underwriting and inspection


You are responsible for agreeing or not agreeing to cover a risk.

You also determine the underwriting conditions and take charge of contract management operations.

In this way, you contribute to customer satisfaction and to control of the company’s insurance risks.

Underwriting expert (F/M)

The underwriting expert ensures the development of the commercial risks market based on the Company’s underwriting policy. He or she is responsible for the quality of underwriting and for the technical results of complex and high-stakes insurance risks.

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Agent / broker inspector (F/M)

The agent / broker inspector directs, advises and assists agents on cases that technically and commercially involve high economic stakes. The object is to promote the Company’s strategy to the networks, to support their professionalisation and to define a commercial development trajectory in one’s sector.

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Human resources

Every day, our human resources management jobs require expert HR skills.

Our HR experts deal on a daily basis with the Company’s business challenges.

They carry out their mission in a supportive relationship with employees and managers.

Digital training officer (F/M)

The digital training officer creates virtual learning spaces for the Group’s various departments, liaising with the members of his or her team, and is supported by the Digital Learning team.

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Human resources manager (F/M)

The human resources manager is part of a team of HR managers. He or she is responsible for a group of about 500 of the Group’s employees, and manages them autonomously.

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Risk management and control


In particular, our risk management is handled by internal auditors who provide the Group’s governance bodies (Board of Directors, Executive Committee) with reasonable assurance as to the relevance and performance of internal control, risk management and governance systems.

The role of internal auditors is also to identify and analyse risks and to advise on controlling them within the Company.

They are supported by in-house lawyers, who provide legal advice and research expertise, and they constantly monitor the Group’s various entities and the legal compliance of their activities in order to safeguard their interests.

Internal auditor (F/M)

The internal auditor contributes to the Group’s development across all entities and business lines, in France and abroad. He or she provides management bodies with insight into the functioning of the Company and proposes improvements to strengthen its efficiency and financial security.

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In-house lawyer (F/M)

The in-house lawyer provides support for the projects of the Group’s various entities in a variety of legal areas (contract, personal data and digital law, etc.), concerning cross-company issues involving high stakes.

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