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We are the leading name in property and casualty insurance in France and 10th worldwide reinsurer, with 24,000 employees and well known, complementary brands: MAAF, MMA, GMF and PartnerRe.

Motor insurance, home insurance, complementary health insurance, protection insurance, savings, pensions, reinsurance, and more... We cover all areas of the insurance market.

Our expertise also extends to assistance, asset management (finance and real estate), legal protection and affinity insurance partners.

Our brands MAAF, MMA, GMF and PartnerRe are well known, complementary brands that make Covéa a leading name in Europe in property and casualty insurance and in reinsurance:

  • MAAF: historically the insurer for skilled tradespersons, MAAF now covers all markets and all areas of insurance.
  • MMA: the No. 2 insurer for professionals and businesses, MMA is also present in the personal insurance market and offers a wide range of insurance products.
  • GMF: founded in 1934 by civil servants for civil servants, GMF is the leading insurer for public sector workers.
  • PartnerRe: a leading name in reinsurance, PartnerRe has a strong presence in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Our head office is in Paris. Our brands MAAF, MMA and GMF form a network of more than 2,400 agencies covering all of France.

We are also present outside France via our brand PartnerRe, which is based in Bermuda and highly active in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, as well as our subsidiary Covéa Insurance in the United Kingdom.

In 2022, Covéa generated revenue of €22.7 billion, including €5.8 billion in reinsurance. Within the insurance sector, we talk about earned premiums rather than revenue.

Covéa is a mutual insurance group company or SGAM (Société de Groupe d'Assurance Mutuelle) with a Board of Directors that sets out the Group’s strategic direction and oversees its implementation.

Appointed by the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Corporate Officers hold the broadest powers to act in all circumstances on behalf of Covéa and represent the Group in its dealings with third parties.

The Chief Executive Officer is also assisted by the Group Management Committee, an operational body with no decision-making powers, which debates strategic and financial matters.

“Société de Groupe d’Assurance Mutuelle” (SGAM) is a legal status under French law introduced in 2001, allowing mutual insurance companies, institutions or prudential unions and mutual insurers or unions of mutual insurers to come together and establish financial solidarity, while also maintaining their independence, brand name and commercial network.

Covéa SGAM, the first French mutual insurance group company or SGAM to be created in France, is the Covéa Group’s parent company.

It exercises dominant influence, coordinating the decisions made (including in financial affairs) by its affiliates and possessing control powers.

It establishes and maintains strong and lasting financial relationships with its affiliated entities.

The eight mutual insurance entities that are affiliated with Covéa SGAM are divided into the following three families.

  • MMA: MMA IARD Assurances Mutuelles, MMA Vie Assurances Mutuelles, Le Finistère Assurance, SMI.
  • MAAF: MAAF Assurances, MAAF Santé, APGIS.

Our responsibility towards society

Controlling risk and protecting property and people are central to what we do.

We do all we can to offer innovative insurance solutions that reflect new user habits and are accessible to as many people as possible.

We are aware of our impact on society and have also set out our CSR commitment formally in the form of an action plan covering five areas selected to reflect our role as a mutual insurance company: equal opportunity, knowledge, local markets, prevention and environment.

Covéa ethics charter sets out the reference framework and rules of good conduct, shared by all Group employees and our corporate officers (directors, executives).

This attention to business ethics is also reflected in the existence of an anti-bribery system based on a number of measures, including:

  • A corruption risk mapping.
  • An Anti-Bribery Code of Conduct, appended to the company's internal regulations, which sets out the rules to be respected, particularly in our relations with third parties.
  • A disciplinary system to punish breaches of this code.
  • A register of gifts and invitations and a register of conflicts of interest for employees.
  • A third-party integrity assessment.
  • Anti-corruption accounting controls.
  • Training for employees most exposed to the risk of corruption.

Finally, an internal whistleblowing platform enables employees and external stakeholders to confidentially report criminal offences, breaches of regulations or of the Covéa’s Anti-Bribery Code of Conduct, as well as risks of serious harm covered by the duty of vigilance.

Covéa seeks to guide everyone towards a world of sustainable growth and we strive to have an impact on society that is more significant, more inclusive and more concrete.

This ambition is set out in the form of an action plan covering five areas selected to reflect our role as a mutual insurance company: equal opportunity, knowledge, local markets, prevention and environment.

As a civic-minded company, we also make a point of complying with current regulations, giving preference when making purchases and investments to partners who respect our values and choices in terms of social commitment, and listening to all our stakeholders.

Work at Covéa

You can find online all job vacancies for Covéa Group as well as for its brands MAAF, MMA, GMF and PartnerRe, its assistance company Fidélia Assistance and its asset portfolio management company Covéa Finance:

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Covéa has 24,000 employees worldwide, among which 21,000 in France.

The Covéa Group is a European leading property and casualty insurance provider, with four well-known and complementary brands: MAAF, MMA, GMF and PartnerRe.

Our activities span more than 90 jobs, including customer relations, IT, data, finance, actuarial risk, marketing and more.

We plan to recruit an average of more than 3,000 people from outside the group each year, offering numerous job opportunities.

We are a leading name in property and casualty insurance in Europe, but our activities span more than 90 jobs, including customer relations, IT, data, finance, actuarial risk, marketing and more.

The recruitment process therefore looks more at how well your background and expertise fit the job rather than how much you know about the insurance industry.

We offer our employees training courses in a variety of forms that will enable you to develop your understanding of the insurance market.

In 2022, a total of 95.4% Covéa employees accessed training.

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