Social commitments

Promoting diversity and equal opportunity

Covéa signed up to the Diversity Charter in 2017 and has adopted a diversity policy based on equal opportunity and equal treatment in access to employment, professional development and the working environment.

All our temporary and permanent job offers, as well as our internships and work-study placements, are explicitly open to all.

This policy aims to maintain or restore equality between individuals regardless of where they come from, their socio-cultural or religious background, age, gender or sexual orientation.

Supporting people with disabilities

Supporting people with disabilities and helping them regain their autonomy and remain employable are key concerns that are central to our role as an insurer.

Covéa’s Mission Handicap programme

Within the Group, we have set up the Covéa Mission Handicap programme, which coordinates and takes concrete actions to implement our corporate policy for disabled people. This policy is governed by a three-year Disability Agreement approved by the regional department for the economy, employment, work and solidarity (DREETS), based on five main components:

  • A plan to hire and retain people with disabilities.
  • A recruitment and inclusion plan, with the target of hiring 150 people over three years.
  • An adaptation and training plan, focusing primarily on training managers.
  • A communication and awareness campaign spearheaded by a network of 70 employees, who are the main points of contact for Covéa’s Mission Handicap programme on a regional level.
  • A social engagement plan including in particular measures to help those caring for members of their family and digital accessibility.


Employees registered as disabled within Covéa economic and social unit (UES) at the end of 2022


Number of disabled employees within Covéa economic and social unit (UES) at the end of 2022

Foundations supported by our brands

As part of our desire to help society as a whole, our brands MAAF, MMA and GMF have set up foundations that have supported and funded innovative charitable initiatives for many years.

  • The MAAF Initiatives and Disability Foundation, founded in 1998, focuses on supporting people with disabilities as they grow old, helping to develop technical solutions and services, funding scientific studies and medical research, and raising awareness among the general public about disability, particularly among young people.
  • The MMA Solidarity Foundation, founded in 1983 under the aegis of the Fondation de France, has supported over 2,000 projects, having helped more than 20,000 people with disabilities, with the aim of establishing greater autonomy and promoting the inclusion and wellbeing of people with disabilities.
  • The GMF Solidarity Support Fund, set up more than 40 years ago, aims to help members and their families during difficult times. GMF Solidarity supports in particular people with disabilities and the elderly, funding prevention and research initiatives.

Our brands and specialised entities

Promoting gender equality

We regard equality as a duty. We support women’s careers and their development within the company.

Within the framework of our three-year Gender Equality agreement, the issue of gender balance is addressed on the basis of five core priorities:

  • Increasing the recruitment of women to permanent management roles.
  • Raising awareness by means of training.
  • Stepping up the representation of women within certain job categories and management positions.
  • Adopting a statistical approach for monitoring wage gaps between men and women.
  • Signing up to the Parenthood Charter, which came into effect in 2017, to ensure a better work-life balance.

Avec Cov&elles, Covéa agit pour l’égalité femmes-hommes

Le réseau féminin de Covéa a été créé en 2017 pour promouvoir la diversité et les carrières féminines au sein du Groupe. Reflet de notre engagement en faveur de l’égalité entre les femmes et les hommes, Cov&elles joue un rôle majeur, en complément de la Direction des Ressources Humaines et des managers, à tous les niveaux hiérarchiques.

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Dans le cadre de notre accord Égalité professionnelle femmes/hommes triennal, la question de l’égalité femmes-hommes s’organise autour de cinq grands axes :

  • L’augmentation des recrutements de femmes cadres en CDI,
  • La sensibilisation au moyen d’un dispositif de formation,
  • Le renforcement de la représentation des femmes dans certaines familles professionnelles, et aux postes de cadres et de managers,
  • La mise en place d'un dispositif statistique de veille salariale relative aux écarts de rémunération entre les femmes et les hommes,
  • L’adhésion à la Charte de la parentalité, effective depuis 2017, pour faciliter l’articulation entre vie professionnelle et vie privée.


Women in managerial positions within Covéa economic and social unit (UES) at the end of 2022


Gender balance index within Covéa in 2023

Get involved with the Covéa Foundation

The Covéa Foundation focuses on social and human inclusion and illustrates the role the Covéa Group aims to play in society.

Its efforts are centred around three main areas: women’s rights, inclusion and using knowledge to promote inclusion.

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