Cov&elles: a key part of Covéa’s gender equality efforts

“By working for equality, offering good career prospects, creating a work environment in which people can fulfil their potential regardless of gender, we show our belief in the talent of each staff member while also contributing to a fairer society.”

Raphaëlle Renusson-Ndaw, General Delegate, Cov&elles.


One priority: gender equality

The network was initially intended for women in positions of responsibility and was then opened up to all staff members of any gender and grade. It has broadened the scope of its activities in two main areas.


1. Supporting women’s career development and increasing gender equality within Covéa

The key to gender equality in the workplace is to offer the same professional opportunities to men and women, giving them the same opportunities to fill any role based solely on ability.

We work towards achieving gender equality every day:

  • by encouraging women to apply for roles;
  • by identifying their potential;
  • and by supporting both men and women in their career development.

Over the years, the Cov&elles network and the Group’s gender equality measures have improved the gender balance in management roles.

65.8 %

of Covéa’s overall staff are women

54.6 %

of the Group’s managers are women

2. Developing Covéa’s ambition to assert women’s rights in our society

For Covéa, gender equality is a necessity and Cov&elles helps to increase recognition of the role that women play within the Group. Cov&elles takes action to assert women’s rights in three main areas: 

  • preventing and combating sexist behaviour and sexual harassment 
  • raising awareness of gender stereotypes;
  • and more broadly helping to change behaviour both within and outside the Group.

Cov&elles was initially only for female managers, but became open to all in 2022, in order to attract increasing numbers of both female and male staff members. The network plays an important part in our ambition to build a more inclusive society. The Group has made gender equality part of its “Covéa 2024 – Growing together” strategic plan. We have adopted several measures to increase gender equality, such as signing up to the French government’s parents’ charter, which aims to make it easier for parents to achieve a good work/life balance.

View our 2024 Gender Equality Index (in French) :

Taking action where it is most needed 

The structure of the Cov&elles network ensures that it has a strong local presence and can take action where it is most needed.


A national network

All members of Cov&elles’ governance body are women. It has two co-chairs – Maud Petit, Covéa’s Deputy Managing Director, and Valérie Cohen, Chief Offers and Services Officer – and its vice-chair is Aude Messin, Chief Sustainability and Finance Transformation Officer. It also has a steering committee comprising 13 members. The network has a presence in all of the Group’s various locations, including around 50 regional ambassadors who organise local meetings and events involving the network’s 900-plus members.


Cov&elles initiatives

The network organises three types of initiative to meet the needs of as many people as possible.

  • For women who want to develop their careers at Covéa, they include “walking meetings” in which women can discuss matters outside of the usual meeting-room setting, after-work gatherings, one-on-one discussions, meetings with female managers who discuss their experiences and career paths, and mentoring and support arrangements such as “Parcours et projets au féminin”.
  • For female Cov&elles members, initiatives include meetings, one-on-one and group discussions, and workshops.

For all staff members, they include two major annual events – the “Rencontre Cov&elles” and the “Rendez-vous Cov&elles” – as well as regular talks, an online chat room, communication and awareness-raising efforts and partnerships with non-profit organisations.

Promoting gender equality

As women’s rights within society are still not sufficiently respected, the Covéa Foundation supports non-profits working to promote gender equality and combat all forms of violence and discrimination against women.

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Cov&elles: a constantly growing network

In 2022, Cov&elles celebrated its fifth anniversary by moving forward with renewed vigour. The network is attracting an ever-growing number of talented people keen to promote gender equality.


A diverse network that is open to all

Although it was originally a network for women, Cov&elles is now open to all Covéa staff members.

It is important to involve men in gender equality policies, because through their roles in the company, men are involved in recruiting and assessing staff members and may be faced with instances of gender-based and sexual violence. Like women, they are also affected by issues relating to work/life balance and parenthood.

“Gender equality, which is addressed by the “Covéa 2024 – Growing together” strategic plan, is a common cause across all our society, and one that concerns all our staff members, whatever their status or gender. By rallying all members of the company to this cause, we can change preconceptions and behaviour in order to build a more inclusive society.”

Raphaëlle Renusson-Ndaw, General Delegate, Cov&elles.

Gender equality is a key component of our corporate culture. With the Cov&elles network, and through our Group’s commitments, we are working to achieve gender equality at all levels our hierarchy, while increasing our appeal to potential female and male staff members. By doing so, we are actively contributing to building a more inclusive society.


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