Covéa Immobilier

Real estate working for the benefit of insurance

Covéa Immobilier has specialists in the enhancement of assets and rental management, as well as architects, lawyers, buyers, project managers and maintenance technicians

These women and men work every day to optimise Covéa’s real estate assets and its MAAF, MMA and GMF brands.

By pooling purchases and resources, and with the capacity to get involved in large real estate transactions, their approach is simultaneously economic, operational and strategic.

Covéa Immobilier consists of two distinct entities: the Investment Department and The Operations Department.

The mission of the Investment Department is to make the best use of assets by taking a position in investments that favour value creation and long-term liquidity.

It manages assets for the entire Group, 69% of which are tertiary, and 31% of which are residential buildings, valued at €6,593 million at the end of 2023.

The majority of these properties are located in the Paris region, and more particularly in the central business district.

Major offers from Covéa Immobilier

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The Operations Department handles the real estate and technical management of the central and regional sites, as well as the points of sale of the MAAF and GMF networks, for all components of the Group.

It plays a major role in energy transition and preservation of biodiversity at the operating sites of the Group and its brands MAAF, MMA and GMF.

€6,593 m

Value of investment properties at the end of 2023

€250 m

Level of rent billed in 2023

€456 m

Value of operating buildings in property at the end of 2023

€43 m

Amount of investments in operating buildings in 2023

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Telephone: (+33)1 55 50 60 00



Covéa Immobilier presents an extraordinary real estate development: 18 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

This unusual redevelopment of a former telephone exchange at the heart of a vibrant and trendy district offers a blend of industrial heritage, comfort and modernity.

The total useful floor area of 16,417 m² encompasses two buildings: ICONIC (10,856 m² of office) and INÉDIT (4,825 m² of office space).

It also features a number of external areas (rooftop, garden and terraces), a coworking space that can also be used as a conference room, a business centre and restaurant space to complement the range of high-end services.

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18,733 m² of offices over 8 floors, 2,723 m² of outdoor and planted areas, including a garden level and a 322 m² rooftop area.

It is aiming for BBCA Rénovation (“good” level), Biodivercity and BREEAM RFO Very Good certification.

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OSCAR (Paris)

Large office floors of over 2,600 m², 640 m² of roof terraces and planted courtyards, and a 362 m² rooftop area.

Building holding the Breeam RFO Very Good, HQE Sustainable building and BBC Effinergie Renovation labels.

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WING (Boulogne-Billancourt)

3,600 m² of modular workspaces, a rooftop and more than 400 m² of gardens and outdoor spaces.

BREEAM Good certification.

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For sustainable real estate

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Covéa Immobilier is committed to a proactive and ambitious approach to improving the energy and environmental performance of its investment and operating assets.

Certification policy for major projects

Since 2012, more than 170,000 m² of Covéa’s real estate assets have been labelled or certified (construction / renovation or operation). Over the same period, more than 95% of restructured tertiary buildings have been labelled or certified.

Adherence to numerous sustainable development charters

Covéa Immobilier signed up to the Charter of the Circular Economy in Real Estate and Construction (the CircoLab Charter) in December 2017, to the Charter of the Sustainable Development Plan for tertiary buildings in September 2014, and to the Water Management Charter of the City of Paris in December 2013.

Optimization of the energy efficiency of the building stock

Every year, Covéa Immobilier carries out a greenhouse gas assessment of its investment and operating assets, and it has a database that enables monthly monitoring of all the buildings’ consumption. Our experts carry out a regular audit of their energy efficiency and put action plans in place for those that are less energy-efficient.