Board of Directors

Comprising Michel Gougnard as chairman and 24 members, the Board is assisted by four specialist committees in performing its duties:

  • The Audit Committee

    It oversees the preparation of financial information and control of financial statements. It is chaired by Michel Laforce.

  • The Risk Committee

    It oversees risk management policy, procedures and systems, ensuring that they are rolled out properly and relevant. It is chaired by Anne-José Fulgeras.

  • The Remuneration and Appointments Committee

    It makes recommendations about the composition of management bodies, devises the management continuity plan and reviews the Group’s remuneration policy. It is chaired by Hélène Béjui-Hugues.

  • The Strategic Committee

    It takes care of matters relating to the Group’s strategy on behalf of Covéa’s Board of Directors. It is chaired by Thierry Derez.

Composition of the Board of Directors on May 13, 2024