Guiding everyone towards a world of sustainable growth

Acting to reduce our environmental impact

As a leading motor and home insurance company, Covéa is directly concerned by climate change, with transport and housing generating more than half of greenhouse gas emissions.

To help speed up the transition towards a more sustainable society, we are working daily on preventing climate change and raising awareness among our policyholders

Our climate commitments

« As a committed mutual insurance Group, aware of our responsibility and the influence we have, we are proud to be supporting the energy and social transition. »

Thierry Derez
Thierry Derez
Chief Executive Officer

Promoting diversity and equal opportunity

For Covéa, diversity is a source of wealth. We want to help create a more inclusive society through measures to encourage fair treatment and employability, and by combating all forms of discrimination. This begins with actively listening to people’s needs on a Group-wide level, as well as at the level of society.

Our social commitments

Our social impact: setting out clear requirements and providing evidence

Covéa works to build a sustainable growth model that benefits its stakeholders, customers, employees and society at large.

Employees worldwide


Proportion of women in the staff of the Covéa Group


Women in managerial positions


Employees received training

54.9 ktons CO2 eq.
Carbon footprint

Expressed in kilotons CO2 equivalent, for the entire Covéa Group on scopes 1,2 and 3 (exploitation areas).

€4.5 m
The Covéa Foundation’s annual endowment fund

The Covéa Foundation gives a close and long-term support to more than fifty partners working on the ground to promote social and human inclusion.

Compliance and ethics

We regard incorporating ethics into what we do is a duty as a requirement that enables Covéa to maintain its business relationships with integrity and responsibility, taking a long-term view. Business ethics is a concrete way of expressing our corporate responsibility.

Covéa has a Compliance department responsible for making sure that our operations comply with applicable laws and regulations, and ensuring in particular that we control our compliance risks.

This culture of ethics and compliance contributes to the company’s image. It is an asset that creates value by securing the future of the Group’s operations.

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Time for action

The Covéa Foundation

The Covéa Foundation focuses on social and human inclusion. Its efforts are centred around three main areas: women’s rights,inclusion and using knowledge to promote inclusion.

A foundation that takes action