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A cookie is a file placed on any device used to browse the internet, such as your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The information collected by cookies enables us to optimise your browsing experience. In addition, the personal data you provide can be enriched with information collected by our cookies. This processing is governed by our personal data protection policy.

The types of cookies we use are

Technical cookies

We read or place on your computer so-called 'technical' cookies, which are necessary for the provision of the services you request on our site.

This type of cookie is essential to ensure that our website is accessible and functions correctly, and it also guarantees the security of your browsing.

Because these cookies are essential, consent is not required. For example, they include 'session ID' cookies or cookies used to adapt the display to the specific features of your browser.

Audience measurement cookies not requiring consent

These audience measurement cookies comply with the conditions contained in the regulations and are exempt from consent.

They allow us to measure and analyse our content’s audience and to produce anonymous statistics to improve the quality of our services and optimise your browsing.

The data collected by these cookies are processed exclusively on our behalf and are not passed on to third parties or to our partners.

We use Piwik PRO Analytics Suite to compile aggregated sets of data relating to use of our website, as part of the procedures required to ensure that our website functions correctly.

You may exercise your right to refuse in accordance with the terms available here.

Cookies used to analyse your browsing

Subject to your consent, we and our partners may use cookies to analyse your browsing for different purposes.

We suggest that you read the list of our partners and let us know your preferences for each purpose of cookies.