The Executive Committee of Insurance France

The Executive Committee of Insurance France is the operating central body for Covéa’s French operations. It comprises ten people under the auspices of Stéphane Duroule, Chief Insurance Officer France.

As of 1 November 2023

portrait de Stéphane Duroule

Stéphane Duroule

Chief Insurance Officer France

portrait de Valérie Cohen

Valérie Cohen

Chief Offers and Services Officer

portrait d'Antoine Ermeneux

Antoine Ermeneux

General Manager of MAAF

portrait d'Éric Lecuyer

Éric Lécuyer

General Manager of MMA

portrait de Jérôme Roncoroni

Jérôme Roncoroni

General Manager of GMF

portrait d'Amaury de Hauteclocque

Amaury de Hauteclocque

Chief Human Cooperations Officer

portrait du Béatrice Savouré

Béatrice Savouré

Chief Life Insurance Officer

portrait de Philippe Cuvelier

Philippe Cuvelier

Chief Technology and IT Officer

portrait de Nathalie Barre-Tricoire

Nathalie Barre-Tricoire

Chief Financial Officer France

Aude Messin

Aude Messin

Chief Finance and Sustainability Transformation Officer