Quality of life at work


Working from home at Covéa

More than 75% of Covéa’s 21,000 employees in France are eligible to work from home for a maximum of two days per week, and also have the option of working from a second place of residence.

Working from home is always voluntary and based on a relationship of trust and autonomy. Part-time workers and those on work/study contracts also have the option of working from home.

Our aims:

  • Improve employees’ work-life balance.
  • Promote wellbeing at work while also ensuring that the company performs well.
  • Limit travel between home and office to improve our carbon footprint.

Work-life balance

We take specific measures to ensure our employees have a good work-life balance:

  • Right to disconnect: raising awareness among our employees out digital best practices when doing their job and how to plan work meetings and use different means of communicating.
  • Support for parents: all employees have the option of taking leave if their children are ill, at the start of the new school year or if they have children with disabilities.
  • Help with retirement: gradual retirement scheme that allows employees to stay in a part-time salaried role by accumulating payment of part of their pension.

Listening to employees

We allow all our employees to express their views throughout the year in two ways:

  • Annual satisfaction survey: this collaborative tool, which forms part of an ongoing improvement approach, allows our employees to express their views anonymously on key matters such as strategy, organisation, management and even career management. The results of the survey provide a concrete measurement of quality of life and working conditions at Covéa.
  • Employee voice: this “à la carte” process that can be tailored to each of the Group’s departments is based on short, anonymous surveys to gather employees’ opinions, ask them about specific topics or take concrete action.

Employee health and safety

  • Prevention of work-related stress: we encourage employees to express their concerns at the level of each Group department and regularly raise awareness about work-related stress, for example by means of a serious game on addiction and online discrimination training. We also provide all those concerned with tools to detect, prevent and deal with work-related stress on a daily basis.
  • Combating unacceptable client behaviour: we provide information and training, offer support in risky situations (detecting unacceptable behaviour, psychological and legal support, security, etc.) and have launched an in-house tool for anonymous reporting of unacceptable client behaviour.

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