Risk prevention

To prevent the risks associated with transportation, health, private or professional life, and to fund research to anticipate new risks... We strive for a world that prevents life’s risks.

Our responsibility as an insurer

  • The Home Security Observatory

    Domestic risks represent a real societal and economic challenge. Covéa has therefore teamed up with Verisure and Saretec to create the Home Security Observatory, in order to raise awareness of the risks among French people and to reduce the number of claims.

  • Our brands are involved in road safety

    Road accidents remain one of the leading causes of death in France. Crash tests, awareness campaigns in schools, web series, videos in partnership with influencers... MAAF, MMA and GMF have been taking action for years and have been engaged in multiple initiatives.

  • Prevention of health risks

    In addition to the initiatives taken by our brands, Covéa provides substantial finance for research to prevent or treat certain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, through its partnership with the internationally renowned Clinatec centre.

  • Prevention of climate risks

    We are developing innovative preventive tools for bad weather and drought. We give our policyholders live information when important events occur. We are at your side to avert climate risks and reduce their impact.

  • Prevention of occupational risks

    Our MMA brand has developed modelling and decision-making tools that enable entrepreneurs and risk managers in businesses to better understand and anticipate the risks that their organisations could face.

  • Taking account of emerging risks

    Nouveaux usages, développement de nouvelles technologies, transformation de la mobilité... notre métier d’assureur évolue en permanence. Covéa se mobilise sur ces risques émergents, à l'instar du risque cyber, pour mieux les connaître et les apprivoiser.