Artificial intelligence to help policyholders

“The accessibility of AI models, which have made real strides in terms of quality, coupled with growing awareness of the possibilities of AI, made 2023 a turning point. Covéa ramped up its efforts to master these technologies in 2023. One symbol of this is recognition of the development of an internal AI model allowing us to make better use of customer feedback (Vox.IA). The possibilities we have in mind to improve how we serve our members are vast.”

Maxence Jeunesse, artificial intelligence scientific director at Covéa.

Artificial intelligence to provide a better response to weather-related claims

Coventéo Grêle: modelled to help our members

Hailstorms are hard to predict and can cause considerable damage to all types of property. Coventéo Grêle relies on artificial intelligence to capture real-time images taken from rainfall radars, crossed with the impact of lightning.

Charles Dumartinet, Head of Major Risks within Covéa’s Offers and Services department, explains: “the real interest of Coventéo Grêle is that it makes us much more responsive, allowing us to work as closely as possible with our policyholders and provide the right solutions to help them”.

Every five minutes, the tool stimulates the potential number of claims incidents and estimates the number of vehicles and homes damaged by hail, as well as their location. This allows for claims handling procedures to be initiated swiftly.

Scanner to assess hail damage to vehicles


We have introduced a self-assessment tool for vehicles damaged by hail in partnership with paint-free dent removal specialist Dent Wizard. This tool allows for faster assessments of claims related to hail. Damages are analysed in three stages:

  1. Our assessors place 16 stickers on the vehicle to mark out each part of the bodywork.

  2. The vehicle goes into a tunnel fitted with a scanner and AI technology to conduct a quick automated assessment, taking 30 seconds per vehicle.

  3. The dents are identified and analysed using artificial intelligence.

This innovative solution – which was trialled during the hailstorms in 2022 – is currently in the process of being calibrated and will help to reduce vehicle repair times during busy periods and thereby improve the customer experience.

30 seconds

It only takes 30 seconds to scan a vehicle using AI.

Artificial intelligence to improve handling of motor insurance claims

Tractable: quicker handling of claims

Covéa is working with Tractable, a technology company developing artificial intelligence to assess vehicle damage. 2020 saw the launch of the Contrôle Tractable AI tool, a solution rolled out across Covéa’s repair network to speed up the handling of motor insurance claims for holders of policies with our three brands, MAAF, MMA and GMF:

  • By automating analysis of estimated works and checking whether works are appropriate with the help of photographs of the vehicle provided by repairers;
  • By reporting any potential inconsistencies with Covéa’s quality standards.

This means that Covéa can get a quick and accurate remote valuation of estimated works, reducing the risk of errors that could delay the process. The solution also makes the job easier for assessors, who can focus on more complicated tasks, and speeds up the process for members so that they can get their vehicle back much more quickly.

Digi’VHR: self-service replacement vehicle

A replacement vehicle allows you to continue with your day-to-day life when making a claim. Digi’VHR, offered by our assistance company Fidélia Assistance, is the first solution on the market that allows policyholders to request a replacement vehicle themselves.

Digi’VHR saves a great deal of time, giving our members more peace of mind. Policyholders can send a text message to request a vehicle after their personal vehicle is towed away. The solution uses artificial intelligence to offer a chatbot service to collect the necessary information and then check the hire terms with the partner hire firm.

Artificial intelligence to listen to members’ needs

Vox.IA: improving customer satisfaction

Winner of the Gold award in the “Generative AI” category at the 2023 Cas d’Or Banking & Insurance awards, Vox.IA is a tool that uses an artificial intelligence engine and a grading system devised by the Group’s experts to analyse the results of satisfaction surveys.

Comments from our policyholders are analysed and graded by theme and tone (positive, neutral or negative), taking account of the specificities of each brand, business area and market. Operational since March 2023, Vox.IA processes around 500,000 responses each year and is already helping to improve satisfaction among our members.

The results are shared with each entity’s local teams to help them take targeted measures to support policyholders, as well as management committees to implement action plans to continue to meet policyholders’ expectations as best possible.

Florent Pousserot

Data centric

Find out what Florent Pousserot has to say, platform owner at Covéa who develops solutions based on augmented intelligence to optimise the customer experience.

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