Domestic violence: Covéa is involved in the creation of a guide for businesses to preventing domestic violence

As around 66% of our 21,000 employees in France are women, promoting the cause of women within the Group and within society in general has long been a key concern for Covéa and its MAAF, MMA and GMF brands.

Within the Group, gender equality – which for more than 15 years has been governed by agreements with all employee representatives – is one of the commitments of our “Covéa 2024 – Growing together” strategic plan.

We have also stepped up our efforts outside the Group, in particular by choosing to support the Fondation des Femmes since 2020, the leading foundation in France for women’s rights and combating violence against women.

Within this framework, the Fondation des Femmes has put together a guide with and for its sponsor companies, including Covéa, on preventing domestic violence in order to help them to detect and look after victims of domestic violence within their workforce.

This form of violence – even though it meanly occurs within the private sphere – can have a disastrous effect on the victims’ professional lives:

  • Chronic stress, making them less motivated and efficient at work;
  • Disruption to the organisation of their work and relations between staff;
  • Adverse impact on safety and quality of life at work, in particular if the perpetrator of the violence comes to the victim’s place of work or harasses them by telephone;
  • Limiting career development;
  • Absenteeism and risk of termination of the employment contract.

Work is a place and a time in their life that can be particularly appropriate to take action and help these women, but businesses still need to know what to do and understand how to provide support.

It is with this aim in mind that the prevention guide, put together with the help of Covéa’s social workers, gives a definition of the different types of domestic violence, as well as ways of improving detection.

It contains essential information about supporting and safeguarding victims, helping with their financial situation and providing assistance with finding accommodation, as well as psychological and legal support for victims and colleagues who are aware of the situation.

The guide is also designed to provide an exhaustive list of contacts who can be called on, initiatives with a significant impact on domestic violence, business networks and specialist charities.

At Covéa, we strive to bring about a society in which everyone can thrive.