Coventéo Grêle, a modelling tool for our policyholders


Hailstorms are an unusual phenomenon that is both intense and localised, difficult to predict and can cause considerable damage to all types of property. Anticipating this phenomenon is essential for the insurance sector, as the catastrophic events in mainland France in May and June 2022 reminded us.

Developed by the teams at Covéa’s Major Risks division in collaboration with climate modelling specialist Risk Weather Tech, Coventéo Grêle is a model that uses artificial intelligence to capture in real time images taken from precipitation radars, crossed with the effects of lightning.

It simulates the number of potential motor insurance and home insurance claims every five minutes and then, after a hailstorm, estimates the number of vehicles and homes damaged, as well as their location, making it possible to set up on-the-ground claims handling as quickly as possible.

“The interest is clearly greater responsiveness, working closely with our policyholders and offering them support... We’ve been able to be there for our policyholders as soon as possible, as well as for the claims handling teams who benefited from visibility on each event, allowing for optimum in-house crisis management,” explains Charles Dumartinet, Major Risks Manager within Covéa’s Offers and Services department.