Compliance and business ethics: Covéa's internal whistleblowing system

Reports must be made in good faith and concern:

  • An offence (crime or misdemeanor) ;
  • A breach of regulations ;
  • A threat or harm to the general interest ;
  • A breach or situation contrary to the Covéa’s Anti-Bribery Code of Conduct ;
  • A risk of serious harm to human rights and fundamental freedoms, to the health or safety of individuals or to the environment, in connection with the activities of the Covéa Group or its business relations.

A simple malfunction or dissatisfaction does not fall within the scope of this system. Other dedicated channels should be used (complaints, human resources department, etc.).

A secure platform is available for online reporting. It is independent of Covéa's information systems and guarantees anonymity, where applicable.

Individuals who meet the legal requirements can benefit from the protective status of whistleblower.


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