Covéa’s women’s network is celebrating its fifth anniversary and is open to everyone, regardless of gender


Cov&elles, the Covéa Group’s women’s network, is celebrating its fifth anniversary, marked by a meeting held in Paris on 14 June. This was an opportunity to take a look back at the measures taken by the network to support gender equality since it was created in 2017 and announce that it is open to all male and female Covéa employees.

table ronde organisée lors d'une plénière de Cov&elles, le réseau féminin de Covéa

Created in May 2017 to let women in positions of responsibility within the Group be actively involved in promoting women’s careers, Cov&elles, the Covéa Group’s women’s network, now plays a major role in developing women’s career paths at all levels, as well as diversity in all jobs.

With over 450 members, around 40 of whom are regional ambassadors, it is also an essential part of Covéa’s aim of supporting women’s rights, particularly in terms of gender equality, a central aspect of our “Covéa 2024 – Growing together” strategic plan.

65.8 %

This is the percentage
of women within
Covéa’s total workforce.

54.2 %

This is the percentage
of executive positions
held by women
within the Group.

38 %

This is the proportion
of women in upper
management positions
at Covéa.

Bringing together the company as a whole

As gender equality is a cause that concerns all employees, regardless of status and gender, Valérie Cohen and Maud Petit, the two co-chairs of Cov&elles, as well as members of Covéa’s Executive Committee, announced at the meeting held in Paris on 14 June to celebrate the network’s fifth anniversary that it would now be open to both men and women.

This is an important way of allowing everyone, whether male or female, to play a part in the Group’s diversity policies and bringing together the company as a whole in order to change received ideas and behaviours, and create a more inclusive society.

Regional events throughout the year

The Cov&elles meeting on 14 June was also the opportunity to take a look back at the network’s main achievements since it was created five years ago.

Events are planned at the Group’s various sites throughout the year by Cov&elles regional ambassadors, such as career breakfasts, “doubts and ambitions” discussion meetings, self-marketing workshops, leadership training and development of mentoring.

Members of the network also work in accordance with the partnerships and sponsorship efforts spearheaded by Covéa over the last few years to support women’s rights and equal opportunity, alongside organisations such as the Fondation des Femmes, Capital Filles and Le Printemps des Fameuses.

At Covéa, we want to create a world in which everyone can find their place.

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