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The Covéa Foundation

The Covéa Foundation focuses on social and human inclusion. Its efforts are centred around three main areas: women’s rights, inclusion and using knowledge to promote inclusion.

The Covéa Foundation illustrates the role the Covéa Group aims to play in society in connection with its CSR policy.

It reflects and propagates its values as a committed mutual insurance group, namely commitment to people, local presence, solidarity, responsibility and striving for progress.

The Covéa Foundation’s efforts in this regard mirror the Group’s sponsorship efforts, reinforcing its longstanding sponsorship policy, primarily under the aegis of the MAAF, MMA and GMF brands.

A foundation that takes action

The Covéa Foundation aims for action in many of its projects, supporting concrete causes alongside non-profits working on the ground to promote social and human inclusion.

It provides financial support for a number of partner organisations to help them to further their efforts, gain a better understanding of what they do and enable them to measure their impact within society.

Women’s rights, inclusion and sharing of knowledge are key social issues of the current day, and the Covéa Group – via its Foundation – aims to meet these expectations and needs.

Time for action

The Covéa Foundation aims to help change society on a lasting basis and enable everyone to find their own place in society.

It supports its partners over the long haul and is also able to intervene at short notice.

Like the Covéa Group, it combines the long-term view of a mutual insurance group with the ability to act swiftly to uphold its commitments.


The number of Covéa
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at 31 December 2022.


The Covéa Foundation’s
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Selection committee
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year to assess projects.

Three main ambitions

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Make society more respectful of women’s rights

By promoting gender equality. By combating all forms of violence and discrimination against women.

L'inclusion écrit en blanc sur fond vert

Create a more inclusive society

By supporting people with disabilities. By helping people who are victims of social discrimination or in vulnerable situations.

Les savoirs écrit en blanc sur fond vert

Develop and disseminate know-how and knowledge to promote inclusion

By helping to disseminate knowledge and culture to people who do not otherwise have access. By being involved in research programmes to prevent or reduce exclusion.

The Foundation’s governance

The Covéa Foundation is chaired by Laurent Tollié, with Aude Messin as Vice-Chair and Stéphane Cossé as executive officer.

It is governed by a Board of Directors made up of 15 members:

  • A council of representatives of the founding companies, MAAF, MMA and GMF, comprising nine members;
  • A council of five qualified people;
  • An employee representative.

The Board of Directors defines the Foundation’s strategy, oversees its implementation and approves all projects supported by the Foundation.

How are projects selected?

The projects supported by the Covéa Foundation are selected according to a four-stage process:

  1. Receiving applications: support requests come from a variety of sources within and outside the Group.
  2. Review of project eligibility: the Covéa Foundation team checks that the projects are eligible for support, fit in with the Foundation’s purpose and meet compliance requirements.
  3. Pre-selection by the Selection Committee: the Selection Committee meets five times a year. It reviews applications and selects the projects to be presented to the Board of Directors.
  4. Final approval by the Foundation’s Board of Directors: the Board of Directors meets three or four times a year and decides on the projects or initiatives put forward.

How do you contact the Covéa Foundation?

Send a message to fondation@covea.fr