Our values

Every day, in keeping with our mutualist values, we work hard both with and for our members.

Throughout France, our 21,000 employees support our policyholders at every stage of their lives and projects, working for our members, who are always the main focus of our actions and concerns. Our employees both embody and implement the Group’s shared values: human commitment, proximity, solidarity, responsibility and the pursuit of progress.

Human commitment

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Accessible and ready to listen, our teams work for our policyholders every day, both in good times and bad.

For example, when major climate events occur, we deploy mobile response units. Dedicated employees travel to the site to strengthen local teams and we locate our equipment as close as possible to the affected areas to support our members and take them through the necessary steps. Psychological units are also set up to offer specific support.

Our involvement on the ground is also reflected in our networks of personal injury claims handlers who provide support to policyholders who have suffered serious accidents and help them rebuild their lives.


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With more than 2,400 points of sale throughout France, we have made local service a reality.

Whether at our branches, online or by telephone through our call centres based exclusively in France, we do everything we can to be as close as possible to our members.

The Group also takes this local approach in the regions, having retained its historical local roots in locations such as Chartres (28), Ermont (95), Le Mans (72), Niort (79), Saran (45), Strasbourg (67), etc. These establishments mean that Covéa is an economic player in the regions, stimulating local employment markets.


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Our solidarity with our members, our employees, and society at large, is the very essence of our mission.

Our brands are involved in multiple initiatives to help people with disabilities, particularly through their foundations and the various partnerships that they have forged. Internally, the Covéa Disability Mission has been created specifically to ensure access to and retention of jobs for our employees with disabilities.

The Group combats all forms of discrimination or violence, particularly against women, on a daily basis, and this strong commitment is embodied in its partnership with the Women's Foundation, signed in 2019.


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Every day, our members renew their confidence in us, entrusting us with their protection and with that of their loved ones and their property.

To live up to this responsibility fully, we take a long-term approach, which combined with our financial solvency gives our policyholders, employees and partners additional guarantees and security.

As an organisation committed to the prevention of all risks, we are constantly involved in initiatives with our brands to raise awareness among the public and provide important information, particularly concerning road safety, including crash tests, school visits, information tours at festivals, specialist websites, etc. Covéa is also a founding member of the Home Security Observatory.

The pursuit of progress

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In a society that is evolving ever faster and adopting new ways, the contours of our business are being redrawn as new insurable assets emerge.

Covéa constantly seeks to progress, and devotes a lot of energy and resources to the development of innovative tools. In particular, in the area of climate risk management, we have developed our in-house Coventéo and Covisiomap geo-intelligence solutions.

We also support many external initiatives focusing on major societal changes, such as Unir or Le Mans Tech, whose main interest is the future of transportation. Such investments and research initiatives enable us to adapt our insurance policies (for example, providing cover for shared use, preventing and managing businesses’ cyber risks, etc.).