Work-study contracts at Covéa

The Covéa Group is committed to promoting the integration of young people into professional life, and offers many positions on work-study contracts in France. Come and develop your skills and carry out rewarding tasks with the support of your tutor.

A sustainable and certified ambition

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Covéa obtained HappyIndex Trainees Alternance certification after a survey conducted among our work-study employees.

94% of respondents recommend the Group for a work-study programme.

Youth employment is an important aspect of our HR policy. We are committed to developing a proactive policy to ensure young people’s integration into professional life, particularly through work-study programmes.

At the beginning of the 2023 academic year, we will take on 600 new work-study employees in France in all the Group’s business sectors: customer relations, IT, accounting and data, finance, actuarial risks, marketing, HR, etc.

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Constant support

We are open to people from all backgrounds, as well as to various work-study arrangements offered having regard to the diplomas being prepared for. Our work-study contracts are also subject to our company policy of welcoming disabled people.

Your application will be studied by a recruitment officer with whom, if you are preselected, you will discuss the prerequisites of the position and whether your profile matches the desired skills. You will then meet the operational manager to make sure that the position meets your expectations, and vice versa.

If your application is successful, you will be welcomed at Covéa like our work-study employees, who share their experiences with you in French on video:

Your tutor is there for you

Throughout the period of your contract, you will be supported by a tutor who will guide you throughout your work-study programme.

The tutor will not necessarily be your operational manager. He or she may also be a member of your team, dealing with an area of expertise that relates to the position you hold.

You will be joining a dedicated community

Work-study employees at Covéa are not just supported by their tutor and/or operational manager, though such support is still central and essential.

In fact, a dedicated space is available on the Group’s intranet where each new intake of work-study employees can discuss their respective experiences, develop their network and progress in their knowledge of the Group and its businesses: this is the community of Covéa work-study employees.

Since the launch of this space in 2020, webinars have been regularly organised on a range of subjects, and many publications and networking opportunities are available.

What’s next?

As far as possible, we encourage you to continue your career at Covéa at the end of your work-study contract.

This was the case for Coumba-Marie, who was recruited at the end of her work-study contract and who tells you in French about her experience on video:

Meet our ambassadors

Do you have questions about the recruitment process, the quality of the working life or the diversity of the jobs offered by the Covéa Group? Our employees can answer your questions and share their experiences with you.

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Match your CV

You can upload your CV, we will analyse your profile and select the offers in France that suit you.